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by | Mar 28, 2023 | DEVELOPMENT

Gallup just published its 2022 Employee Engagement Index. Employee’s readiness to change jobs has significantly increased due to the pandemic, war, economic crises, high inflation rates and high demand on the labor market. The percentage of employees with strong job bonding is down from 17% to 13% while the percentage of employees emotionally disengaged is up to 18 percent. Only 55% expect to be still in the same job for another year, 39% for another 3 years.

The cost of fluctuation and quiet quitting is high. Unemployment rates are down and qualifications on the market do no longer meet the increasing demand. According to a recent study of the Bertelsmann Stiftung 73% of German companies lack the required number of specialists while recruitment of a specialist takes an average of 145 days.

The good news, however: researchers have found a direct influence of leadership on emotional engagement of employees and their readiness to change jobs. By investing into building an adequate leadership culture, companies can reduce staff-turnover and absenteeism and increase participation and commitment at the same time. The questions company leaders need to work on: What are the values management should base their leadership on and how should these values be reflected in day-by-day leadership behavior?

A strong and authentic leadership culture is the prerequisite for successful employer branding. Starting with the first encounter and throughout the whole employee journey people should experience respect, appreciation, guidance and support. Leaders should be granted the opportunity to receive internal and external feedback on their leadership style and individual recommendations for growing and becoming more effective in their role. Investment in leadership development will have positive effect on employee retention and overall productivity.

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