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AI Needs Human Leadership

by | Jan 31, 2024 | LEADERSHIP

As AI reshapes the landscape of business functions, it’s imperative to acknowledge that authentic leadership remains an inherently human quality. No algorithm can substitute the innate ability to inspire, empathize, and adapt.

Consider a manufacturing company where AI optimized processes, yet a supply chain disruption posed a threat. The plant manager’s human leadership came to the forefront, fostering collaboration and creativity to overcome challenges, highlighting the unique emotional intelligence that distinguishes human leadership.

In the realm of tech startups, an introduction of AI-driven customer service led to challenges with nuanced issues and customer complaints. The head of customer services recognized AI’s limitations and personally engaged with customers, addressing concerns beyond predefined processes. It was the leader’s intuition and personal connection that defused issues and restored relationships, emphasizing the indispensable role of human touch.

Despite the growing presence of AI, there’s a misconception that operational units no longer require leadership, with technical skills often prioritized over social and leadership competence. As AI takes on more leadership tasks, I encourage leaders to allocate 25% of the time saved to refine their personal leadership agenda and invest in quality leadership communication. While algorithms can be replicated, human leadership remains unparalleled in igniting enthusiasm and inspiring peak performance

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